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Decaf Petit Ami


Size: 454g (1lb)

Location: Costa Rica (Tres Rios) and Colombia (Huila)

Roast: light/medium

Acidity: medium

What we like about this coffee:  This nicely balanced blend is comprised of coffees from both Costa Rica and Colombia. Roasted to a light/medium level, this decaf has both a medium acidity and body yielding lively notes of maple and caramel in the finish.

Our coffees are decaffeinated using a chemical free SWISS WATER PROCESS (SWP) system to deliver the best quality of coffee while eliminating 99.9% of caffeine.  

Our Coffee

Specialty arabic beans from small lot farmers, roasted locally in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and taste. You WILL taste the difference.

Decaf Petit Ami