Dark Roast

A very easy to drink dark roast blend, with hints of spices and some slight herbal notes with a creamy sweetness to it.  Enjoy this one anytime!

Dark French
Dark and intensely satisfying with notes of spices, bittersweet chocolate and some earthy undertones ending off with a smooth and velvety finish.

Our secret blend consists of six different coffees from around the world:  Rich, bold, intense and very fragrant.  Lots of flavour, long lingering, with a slightly sweet nutty finish.

Picked from high elevations in Peru, this dark roast coffee has hints of coffee blossoms and some leafy notes; spicy and finishing off with a lively richness.

Rich and complex with lots of exotic spices, hints of dark chocolate and notes of sun kissed earth with a long lingering finish.

Creamy and smooth, the blend offers up delightful notes of spices and deep dark chocolate with hints of caramel.