Our Coffee

What makes Petit Ami so unique is our beans. They are the very best quality, and are all organic, fairly traded, estate-grown, plantation friendly and roasted locally in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and taste. You WILL taste the difference.

Our beans are artisan roasted in Vancouver by LosBeans. Their master roasting team uses the Loring Smart Roast System, Kestrel S35 which is also better for our environment than conventional roasters.

Coffee RoastersHere are just a few reasons why the Kestrel is superior to conventional drum roasters:

Less Environmental Impact: the Kestrel uses 80% less natural gas to operate than the conventional roaster.

Better Design: the Kestrel utilizes a patented heat re-circulation process. This means our beans are thoroughly roasted, giving them a fuller, richer flavour, unlike traditional roasters which only bake the exterior of the bean, giving it a flat, scorched flavour.

Better Control: the Kestrel’s sophisticated computer system gives our roasting specialists greater control over the roasting process. They are able to create and save roast profiles and recipes, meaning your favourite coffee is consistently fresh and flavourful. Fabulous!

For more information on our coffee or to place an order please email us at CafeAmiGroup@gmail.com

Coffee Beans